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Information Visualization for Stock Market Ticks:
Toward a New Trading Interface

This real-time application was designed to visualize historical tick data from the TAQ database; an extremely large, multidimensional dataset containing every public trade for a specific asset. The program displays second-by-second ticks for multiple assets faster than real-time, as a navigable, fully 3D trading environment.

View Video Here of the Application in Action:

Windows Media Player (11 MB)

Quicktime Player (13 MB)

Normal video animation takes approximately half an hour to render one second of output. Since this application generates real-time 3D video, it has a small fraction of the render time than pre-rendered video, and is therefore intentionally more sparse in appearance.

Though Lineplot focuses on creating video with higher production values, this is an interesting prototype output, created as part of the founder's MIT thesis.

Still Images of the Application in Action:

<HON loses $0.09 in 45 seconds.>
HON loses $0.09 in 45 seconds.
JPM gains $0.20 in 30 seconds.
MSFT trades with exceedingly high volume, drifting slowly upward.
Close (Black), Open (Yellow), High (Green), Low (Red), Current (Blue) Markers.
Aggregate position is represented as a cone.
Each position lot is represented as a cube.
A typical late print.
An overview of the entire DOW 30.
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